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Al Iman Islamic School

Educating our youth for the leadership of tomorrow

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Extra Curricular Activities

Exciting, educational, and fun programs such as Al-Iman Summer Soccer Program, Al-Iman Summer Camp, and Al-Iman Quran Tajweed, extend the educational activity hours of Al-Iman school beyond the regular school schedule.

School Year Program:

Al-Iman Islamic School offers four wonderful elective classes during the school year; Al-Iman Quran Tajweed classes, Al-Iman Arabic class, Arts and Crafts class, and Al-Iman Public Speaking. Each
student will have the option of choosing one of 4 exciting electives above.





Summer Programs:

Al-Iman Summer Soccer Program has experienced three successful years and we look forward to our fourth next year, Insha Allah. During the summer months, our students enjoy the opportunity to learn a sport they love while gaining qualities that will last a lifetime. Mark your calendars for next year!

Al-Iman Summer Camp, Camp Mu'mineen, is a summer camp designed for children ages 7-12!! Activities include short Islamic lessons, character building activities and games, art & crafts, outdoor fun and more! This Islamic-based summer camp will keep your kids from summer boredom, while practicing core Islamic values with their Muslim friends! Every year we have a BLAST and each year we step up the excitement...more field trips, more games, more fun!

Al-Iman Islamic School introduces "Summer ilm Club", where kids can learn and have fun while sisters can enjoy reading and discussion. It's FREE and open to Muslim community!The ilm club will be divided into 3 groups; 5-7, 8-12, and sisters.